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I am someone who loves and laughs! I love FLOWERS and everything about them, they are my absolute passion!! I love being able to create beautiful floral designs, displays and styling venues!! I have over 8 years experience in the Floral Industry. I base my business from home. I allocate only ONE wedding, party or event each week. I do this so I can put all my energy and undivided attention into YOUR event. This ensures no detail will be missed and everything will be done perfectly!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Flower of the Moment - Cymbidium Orchid

Botanical Name: Cymbidium (sim-bi-de-em)
Common Name: Cymbid
Meaning: Love, Beauty, Refinement. It is also the Chinese symbol for Many Children, Thoughtful, Maturity, Charm
Natural Season: Autumn to Spring
Life Span: Up to 8 weeks
Colour Availability: White, Cream, Yellow, Green. Red, Orange, Burgundy, Brown
Best Used In: Sheaf Bouquet, Wired and natural stem Posies and fantastic in Arrangements.
Looks Good When: Arranged on it's own or when mixed with other flowers - Roses, Blossom, Tulips, Ranunculus
Value for Money: $$ to $$
$ Very Cheap - $ Cheap - $$ Moderate - $$ Expensive - $$$ Very Expensive

Why I Love this Flower: I Love Cymbidiums, because they tell me winter is on it's way!! I also love them for their beauty and elegance, you can arrange it on it's own, have them en mass in a vase or mixed in with other flowers. Anyway you use them, they always look stunning.

Another reason why I love them is for their longevity, with lasting up to 8 weeks as a cut flower, you can not ask for more than that!! Could you image having a bouquet of just cymbid's on natural stem lasting for 8 weeks???

I really love the array of colours they come in as well, with the Lime Green being up there with one of my top choices!!!
Is there a flower that gets you excited about the coming season???

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I Went to a Garden Party

That was actually my sister's wedding. 15 months ago to the day, my sister and her husband got married in Darwin. It was a truly magical day!! Not only was I there to help celebrate this wonderful occasion as her Sister and Bridesmaid, but I was also her Florist!! I had so much fun helping with planning the flowers!! 

When it came to the choice of flowers, both Corinna and Damon, had told me they really wanted their flowers to be simple and elegant; and to use a lot of flowers and foliage that reflected Darwin's beautiful Tropical Gardens. I agreed that this would be a really lovely idea, especially as the reception was to be held at Pee Wee's on the Point, out on their grassed lawn surround by beautiful ocean views and gardens. I suggested that they use lots of candle!! Nothing says elegance and romance, more than candle light. I also suggested to hang white paper Japanese lanterns over the bridal table and dance floors!! This just added a little touch of fun to the evening!!! Once Corinna had settled on the colour of her dress, a lovely shade of soft pink champagne. We finally choose our bridesmaids dresses - a beautiful light ice blue/green colour. With these two colours, I keep envisaging soft pink, mauve, silver and a dark purple almost black as an accent. With colours and bouquet styles decided, it was now time to start planning reception. Corinna and Damon liked the idea of having lots of jars placed on the tables filled with lots of different tropical flowers and foliage's. As my Mother and Sister's are avid gardeners, I was able to source all the foliage's from their gardens and few of the flowers.  The rest of the flowers where either brought at local market or shipped up from Perth. As for the jars, Corinna had sent out an email to all her friends and family requesting that they keep all their glass jars. Once Corinna had complied her collection of around 300 jars, I came across this wonderful idea where you had paint the inside of the jar. We did this using only white paint to help with the simplicity!! When it came to making Corinna's bouquet, I wanted to create something very special and personal. Thanks to my Mum and Dad's Garden, I was able to walk around the garden and add some flowers grown by them. I used beautiful Orchids, Gingers Flowers, Succulents and of course the Chain of Hearts Foliage!! I love using this wonderful trailing foliage.

I had a lot of fun working on my sisters wedding, it came together perfectly!! Even if the flowers arrive only the day before the wedding and the weather had given us a little grief, with the humidity levels being a higher than normal at that time of the year. Which meant that the table could not be decorated until about 45mins before Corinna and Damon arrived, but with the help of the guests, we were able to get it done and I found it was a great way to mingle and talk to the guests!! 

We ate wonderful food, danced, talked and laughed the night away… what more could you want when you go to a Garden Party Inspired Wedding!!!

Inspiration: Simple, Classic and Elegant, Tropical 
Theme: Garden Party 
Colours: Light Ice Blue/Green, Soft Pink, Soft Green, Mauve, Silver, White and Black 
Bouquet Style: Compact Posy Bouquet for Bride and Bridesmaids 
Flowers & Foliage for Brides Bouquet: Cool Water Rose, Pacific Blue Rose, Chanel Dendrobium Orchid, Black Cordyline Leaves, Silver Suede Foliage. From my Parents Garden - Pink and Mauve Ground Orchids, Soft Pink Ginger Flowers, Pink/Grey Succulent and Chain of Heart Foliage 
Flowers & Foliage for Bridesmaids Bouquet: Cool Water Rose, Pacific Blue Rose, Chanel Dendrobium, Black Cordyline Leaves and Silver Suede Foliage 
Button Holes: Roses and Orchids Grown by my Dad 
Corsages: Orchids Grown by my Dad 
Arrangement for Alter: Cool Water Rose, Pacific Blue Rose, Chanel Dendrobium Orchid, Soft Green Spray Chrysanthemums, Mauve Spray Chrysanthemums, Pink Gingers, Black Cordyline Leaves, Silver Suede Foliage and Limes 
Tables Centres: An Array of Tropical Flowers and Foliage's - Orchids, Gingers, Heliconia's, Anthuriums, Cordyline Leaves, Croton Leaves, Calathea Leaves and to tie in the flowers from the bridal bouquets - Cool Water Rose, Pacific Blue Rose, Chanel Dendrobium Orchid. Soft Green Spray Chrysanthemums and Mauve Spray Chrysanthemums were also used.

1.  Corinna's Bouquet  2.  Bridesmaids  3.  Bouquets All Boxed Up  4.  Corinna with Mum and Dad  5.  Our Bouquets

1. &  2.  Corinna and Damon at the Reception  3. The Happy Couple  4.  "Just Married" - No Car is Complete Without it!!  5.  Arrangement for Church Alter  6.  Guest Tables at the Reception  7. You May Kiss the Bride!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Flowers For You, By You

Have you ever noticed those lovely table settings in glossy magazines??

In an afternoon, I can teach you how to give your tables at your Wedding Reception, Party or just for the Home, that "WOW factor" with flowers.

Get a group of friends together for an afternoon of flowers, laughter and lots of fun.

Prices start from $60.00 per person (min 10 people)

BYO Nibbles (flowers and non-alcohloic drinks provided)

For more information, please contact me via email or see me this sunday the 13th August at Wedding Upmarket, held at Mosmans Restaurant between 10am - 4pm.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Something Every Women Needs to Add to Her Bucket List...

A couple of months ago, I had one of the most pleasurable experiences in my life.  An experience that I believe EVERY woman must do once in their life…. but if you can afford it, keep doing it!! I was able to wear one of the MOST amazing dresses I have EVER worn - besides stepping into my wedding dress and wearing that… but that's a blog for another day!!!

To truly understand why this dress was so amazing, and so pleasurable to wear, I must tell you the story from the start.

It started back in November '09 when I was introduced to Beata, from Chein Noir Dezines. Beata was working on a dress for one of my brides. In that small amount of time spent with Beata, I knew this lady had a passion for creating beautiful dress - be it a brides, bridesmaids dress or that something special to wear out. I could see that besides her passion for dressmaking, Beata had an eye for detail and exceptional customer service. Three key aspects I feel that are hugely important when choosing anyone to make something for you, be it clothing, flowers, furniture etc….

Beata has a small studio and has been creating beautiful couture gowns for many, many years now. She has had training in theatrical arts and costume design, this is where her talent really shines brightly. A lot of her work can be seen in Exclusive Brides and WA Brides Magazines.

I came to Beata at the beginning of the year, with a special request, my brother-in-law was getting married in March and I wanted to get a dress made…. something I've always wanted to do!!

My excitement and non-stop talk about "The Dress" started from the moment I booked my first appointment. I showed Beata photo's of the dress I really like. We talked about fabric options and why choosing the right fabric to suit the style of the dress was so important!! I ended up choosing a beautiful silk in a dark steel blue colour. My measurements were taken and my enthusiasm started to build more when we scheduled in my next appointment.  I was told there would be the base of the dress ready for me to try on.

My husband must have thought I was a nutter to get so excited about a dress, I was like a child waiting for Christmas!! At this next appointment I was a tad shocked to tell you the truth - Beata gave me this Calico sack to try one and I was thinking in my head… OH MY GOD, how will you make my dress out of this?? Beata must have seen the quizzical look and she explained go me, that she does not use patterns. She explained that my "Calico Sack" is actually called a "Toile" and it will help her to get a feel for the way the dress will sit on my figure. Beata calls herself a "true artist and designer, rather than just a dressmaker" because anyone can make a dress from a commercial pattern, but there is no guarantees it will fit though!! Darts and a lot of pins were put in place on the Toile and I was told that at my next appointment the lining of the dress would be made!! I thought I was excited about this appointment, but being told that the lining of the dress would be made. That just sky rocketed my enthusiasm and excitement with what was to come….

It was at this consult that I really started to get blown away by Beata's talent!! From the Toile she had created the lining of my dress!! It floored me how she did this with no pattern at all and it fitted almost perfectly. My mum used to make me dresses as a little girl and they were from a pattern, but Beata did this from NO PATTERN!! We had booked in my next consult, where Beata proceeded to tell me that the dress would be made and it would only need the hem to be taken up, so don't forget your shoes!!

When I arrived at Beata's Studio, I saw my dress hanging there, looking exactly like the photo I had showed her!! Oh how beautiful it was just hanging there. I could not concentrate on anything Beata said, I was totally mesmerised by my dress!! After a few tortuous minutes of waiting, Beata said those 7 magical words "You can try your dress on now?" I was so giddy, you actually would think that I was going to be trying on my own wedding dress!! Once I stepped into my dress, it was like stepping into my OWN skin. My dress fitted perfectly, like a glove. I felt so gorgeous in it!!

It was at this consult I realised that this is something every woman needs to do!! I truly felt like royalty in this dress, the feel of the silk fabric against my skin, the perfect fit… I actually did not want to take the dress off!! I am now trying to think of other places and events where I can wear this fabulous dress to. It's such a shame for it to live in my wardrobe and not to be seen or admired by everyone!! I love my dress, and how it makes me feel so AMAZING inside and out and I take my hat off to Beata and thank her with all my heart for making me such a beautiful dress and how special it makes me feel.

Going into a shop and buying a dress is a disappointment now!! The level of service BeataBeata!!

So if you are looking at buying a dress - be it you're a bride, bridesmaid, mother of the bride or groom or just going to an event that requires a beautiful outfit to be worn. Do yourself a favour, save all your pennies and get your dress made. It may seem more expensive than going to a shop and buying one off the rack, but walking away with a custom made dress that will only fit you and that no-one else will have. It's a lot nicer than walking into a regular department store and picking a dress that other women have bought before you and will buy after you!!

My dress created by Beata from Chein Noir Dezines

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Girl next Door

Last weekend I was able to be apart of a very special and beautiful wedding, not only as the Florist, but as a Sister-In-Law. My husband's Brother, Tim, finally married his "girl next door"!! That's how Tim and Tayla meet, when Tayla's father brought the house next door to Tim's Parent's. Friendship blossomed into love, which lead them to last Saturday, where they exchanged vow's to become Husband and Wife. The beautiful and very personal ceremony was conducted by Sandy Bayly.

Tim and Tayla chose the beautiful location of Millbrook Winery located in Jarrahdale to start their married life together. A stunning place to celebrate this occasion at!! Tayla had always talked about possibly having the colour scheme of White, Green and Brown for their wedding. These colours were finally chosen as the colour scheme, when Tayla and I took a trip down to Millbrook 12 months before the BIG day to see what the surround area's looked like and have general chat about what she wanted. When we arrived and had a look around, i just keep envisaging white, green and brown. These colours compliment Millbrook and the surrounding area's perfectly. I love using this colour scheme, for me it's a very classic, elegant and timeless. Everything a wedding should be!! 

I loved the bouquet styles that Tayla had chosen. It not only reflected, but complimented everything Tayla wanted the wedding to be - Simple, Classic and Elegant. I loved that they were all flowers and minimal foliage. The bridesmaids bouquets look stunning against the beautiful brown of their dress and having just a touch of green, really helped to liven the bouquets. But like every wedding I have worked on of late, I just fell in LOVE with Tayla's bouquet!! It was perfect and I just loved it being all white, with a slight accent of green. It complimented Tayla and her dress beautifully!! 

Because of the hot weather we had been experiencing in March, there was a change in plan as to where the ceremony would be held. Walking into Millbrook you are greeted by Stone Wall pillar's covered in Wisteria, then you walk down a gorgeous covered in stonewall breezeway. This is where Tim and Tayla chose to exchange vows. I love the atmosphere and intimacy which was created, by having the ceremony there. It was lovely and I just cannot wait to see the professional photo's and how beautiful it looked. I wanted to create an entrance to the aisle and had made two, beautiful, large, compact pave` designs, which were then used upstairs to be placed behind the bridal table - again very simple and elegant. 

I wanted to make the signing table special for Tayla and Tim. It is one of the most photographed parts of the day, and I feel that it's overlooked when it comes to styling. I really wanted to use a vase of just tulips, but that day turned out to be a little too warm, so I made I bouquet similar to the bridesmaids. Then I had created two moss covered "T's" and had them hang down the front of the table. With a simple accent of a green table runner and chair sashes this created the finishing touch to a beautiful signing table. 

With white tulips being one of Tayla's favourite flowers, I really wanted to use them in her bouquets, but with the wedding being held in March and not knowing how hot it could be and even if I would be able to get them in. I decided that I would use them as the table centre pieces for the reception and leave it as a surprise for Tayla to see when she entered the room. Oh how beautiful and sophisticated they looked!! I know it took my breath away when I saw it all lit-up before the guests entered and I'm sure it did the same for Tayla!! 

Did your venue help you choose your colour scheme?? 

Inspiration:  Simple, Classic and Elegant 
Theme:  White, Brown with accent of Green 
Colours:  White, Brown and Green 
Bouquet Style Bride:  Long Compact Teardrop Bouquet

Flowers & Foliage for Brides: All White - Roses, Hyacinths, Freesia and Orchids with Gardenia Foliage 
Bridesmaids and and Flower Girl:  Compact Posies

Flowers & Foliage for Bridesmaids: White Roses, White Hyacinths, White Calla Lilies, Green Orchids and Magnolia Foliage 
Flowers & Foliage for Flower Girls Posy: White Chrysanthemums and Gardenia Foliage 
Button Holes: Roses and Orchids 
Corsages: Orchids and Hyacinths  
Large Arrangements: White Roses, Green and White Orchids, Green Sprays Chrysanthemum, White Disbuds, Magnolia and Cordyline Leaves 
Table Centres: White Tulips 

Signing Table Arrangement: White Tulips, White Roses, Green Orchids, White Calla Lilies, White Freesia and Magnolia Foliage 
Lettering: Moss covered "T's"

1.  Bridal Party  2.  Walking to the Ceremony  3.  Tayla's Bouquet  4.  Signing their Marriage Certificate
5.  Bridesmaids Bouquet  6.  Tayla and her father Brett

1.  Reception  2.  Tulips Centre Pieces for Guest Tables.
 3.  Bridal Table using the Bridesmaids bouquet  4.  Close up of Bridesmaid bouquet
5.  Large Arrangement used for both the Ceremony and Reception

Friday, March 4, 2011

It Started with a dress...

For Jacqui this was the case, it started with her bridesmaids dresses. They were the starting point for choosing the colour scheme. When Jacqui told me she wanted something pretty, bold and bright, and then showed me the colours and bouquets that inspired her. It was love at first sight for me, Pure White, Fuchsia Pink, Black, with a small accent of Silver (which just happens to be a colour scheme in vogue at the moment). I knew her bouquets were going to rock and be absolutely stunning. Taking into account that the bridesmaids dresses had quite a colourful and busy bottom half to the dress, we both knew that their bouquet had to be simple. We decided to go with Roses, Celoisa (for contrast of texture) and Black Cordyline leaves. This combination made the bouquet POP and look absolutely stunning in the photos!!  Which Photographer Rinnie Nelson has let us have a sneak peak at!

Jacqui wanted her bouquet to be simple, pretty and elegant with a touch of sparkle. I loved the bouquet she had chosen!! A beautiful compact posy with having just white roses in the centre with diamonties mixed in and around them, then a collar of white Lisianthus, finished off with a touch of Silver Suede underneath the Lisianthus. When I finished creating her bouquet, I was in LOVE!!! I always fall in love with each wedding I do, as I put so much of my heart and soul into each on I work one. But Jacqui's Bouquet was pure perfection to me!! To tie in Jacqui's bouquet in with her dress, I managed to get a strip of left over material. I managed to replicated the beautiful pleated design on the bust of her dress  when binding her bouquet. This was a beautiful way to add the finishing touch to her bouquet. 

When it came to the table centre pieces at the Reception, again Jacqui's request was for something simple, pretty, elegant and bright. The Reception took place at Matilda Bay Bar and Restaurant, Crawley, WA. A stunning place to hold a wedding reception with a magical view of the Swan River and Perth City!! The centrepieces Jacqui gave away to a guest at each table. Jacqui wanted to use Orchids submerged in vases sitting on mirrors surrounded by candles - white Orchids for the guest tables and pink Orchids for the bridal table. I loved that Jacqui chose black table cloths and chair cover, this made the centres pieces really stand out and it just finished off the look of the reception. A fantastic choice on Jacqui's behalf!! As you entered the reception, there was the gift table to the right hand side. Jacqui had requested that I make an arrangement that tied in with the colour scheme as she also wanted this to be given away.

I wish I could have been there when the tables were fully set, the sun setting in the back ground, the city light just coming on, candles lit, the reception would have had the most beautiful, magical and romantic feel in the air. A perfect way to start married life together!! 

How did you end up choosing your colour scheme??? 

Inspiration: Jacqui's Love of Flowers 
Theme: Simple, Pretty and Bold, with a touch of Summer Fun 
Colours: Pure White, Fuchsia Pink, Black with an accent of Silver 
Bouquet Style: Compact Posies 
Flowers & Foliage for Brides Bouquet: Roses, Lisianthus and Silver Suede 
Flowers & Foliage for Bridesmaids Bouquet: Roses, Celoisa and Black Cordyline Leaves 
Flowers & Foliage for Flower Girls Posy: Lisianthus and Silver Suede 
Button Holes: Roses, Lisianthus Buds, Orchids, Silver Suede & Magnolia Foliage 
Corsages: Orchids and Lisianthus Buds 
Headband: Orchids, Lisianthus Buds and Silver Suede

1.  Bridal Bouquet  2.  Binding of Brides Bouquet 3.  Throw Away Bouquet  4.  Flower Girl's Posy & Headband
5.  Groom and Groomsmen's Button Holes  6.  Bridesmaid's Bouquet
1.  Corsage & Button Hole Pack for Parent of the Bride  2.  Corsage & Button Hole Pack for Parents of the Groom
3.  Bride's Corsage for Reception  4.  Table Centre Pieces  5.  Arrangement on Gift Table

Flower of the Moment - Amaryllis

Thanks to Jinx McCombs
Botanical Name: Amaryllis (am-a-ril-lis)
Common Name: Belladonna Lily, Naked Lady
Meaning: Pride and Beauty
Natural Season: Late Summer to Autumn
Life Span: Up to 10 days while opening (can be another week after opening)
Colour Availability: Pink, White and Red
Best Used In: In Wired bouquet or Bouquet holders or vase arrangements. Best not to use in bouquets when temperatures will be above 30 degrees.
Looks Good When: Stems have been cut into quarters and placed into deep cool water to curls. This looks visually effective when placed in clear vases.
Value for Money: $$
$ Very Cheap - $$ Cheap - $$$ Moderate - $$$$ Expensive - $$$$$ Very Expensive

Why I Love this Flower: I love when Belladonna's come into season, for me it means summer is almost over and Autumn is soon to be here!!

As they have multiple blooms on each stems I love using them en
masse in vases, especially when I have cut the stems and submerged them to curl, it add interest and is so effective when used in tall cylinder clear vases!!

I love using the white Belladonna's in wedding work.  They have a sweet perfume and a bouquet of them en
masse, I see as the perfect choice for a beach wedding as they almost have a a bit of a tropical feel to them.

What flowers get you excited, when you see the first of them come into season???