How To Set Up Netflix On Wii – Step By Step Tutorial

So you’re looking for how to set up Netflix on wii?


Setting up Netflix on Wii is really simple and easy to do on your own. Three days ago, I succeeded in connecting my channels and you I’ll show you the exact steps I took.

It’s going to be easy ride all the way. I ask that you concentrate and master it so you can do it for friends and family members.

As a step by step tutorial, I would be using simple sentences and easy to identify words.


Step 1: Get your Wii Turned On

Get started by bringing your wii alive. How? Turn it on before proceeding in any direction. If you recently bought a wii console, the user manual has instructions on how to turn it on. Have you done that already? Move on to step 2.


Step 2: Get to the Wii Menu (Press A)

The Wii menu is where every function is located. Until you get here, you won’t do anything meaningful with your console. It’s easier than you think. Press the “A” and you’ll arrive there right now.


Step 3: Get to the bottom-left

When you press A, the menu will appear. But you’ve to get to the bottom-left of the screen and that can be achieved by scrolling.


Step 4: Get to the Wii Options (Press A)

Click or press A on the word “wii” that shows on the menu. It should say “wii options” when you carefully highlight it. If you want tips on Movies Netflix Wihome, after this tutorial, you can read it too.


Step 5: It’s time to click on “wii Settings”


Step 6: Get to the Controller

I’m sure you know the controller? Now, hit the “+” button and easily click the on the “internet”


Congratulations, you’re on the right track. Move on to step 7.


Step 7: Have you clicked on the “internet?” it’s now time to click on “connection settings”


Step 8: Did you see any connection settings?

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You can click the one that says “connection 1”

Do you want a wireless connection instead? Then click the wireless connection and allow it to search for Wi-Fi around.

Step 9: It’s time to go to “search for an Access Point”

If you followed the above tutorials effectively, it should find viable access points, but if it fails, buying a ninetendo Wi-Fi tracker (or what do you call it)


Step 10: Click “Ok” when you detect Access Points.


Step 11: Locate Access Point


What you should do right now is to locate the Access Point that has an unlocked key. Click on it or alternatively, click the Access Point with a yellow lock and input a password. When there is a red lock, it’s an indication that you cannot connect to that access point.


Are you enjoying this tutorial on how to set up netflix on wii?

We’re almost done. See the remaining steps below…


Step 12: You’ll get a question asking you to save the settings. Guess what you should click? (“Ok”) off course.


Step 13: Click another “Ok”

You should also click “ok” again in order to conduct a connection test (it takes few seconds to complete. Allow 20 – 30 seconds).


Step 14: Get the Wii Updated


It’s time to update the Wii console


Step 15: Go Back To Wii Menu

You already know how to locate the Wii Menu by pressing the “A” button. Now you need to go back to Wii Menu. Just click “Back” until you get to Wii menu


Step 16: On the Wii menu, click on the wii shop channel


Step 17: Do You love Shopping (just a joke) Lol!

The Wii channel gives you the chance to start shopping. Yes, click start shopping


Step 18: Have you clicked on start shopping yet? Now click on the channels


Step 19: Wow, We’re almost there

Click on Netflix


Step 20: Wait for the download to complete


Step 21: You should then go back to the Wii Menu using the tips above


Step 22: Then load up the Netflix channel


Step 23: Get a password:

Netflix is going to give you a password. Do you have a Netflix account (off course you should since you’re looking for how to set up netflix on wii?).


Step 24: Activate your Netflix account. Whether it’s Netflix free trial or full subscription, just activate your account first. Activate here:


Step 25: It’s time to log in and type the exact code from the Wii into your Netflix account and that’s it. The same way you can use the remover to get clear and smooth skin, free from unwanted hair.

Does this step by step tutorial on how to set up netflix on wii easy and interesting? Do me a favor and start setting up your channels today. There are so many movies to enjoy with Netflix. Have a lovely day.